Today, 3i offers one of implant dentistry's most comprehensive lines of implants and abutments, augmented by a growing line of regenerative products. 3i pioneered the development of biologically driven implants, winning worldwide acclaim for the micro textured surface and superior clinical success rates of the OSSEOTITE® implant.

The OSSEOTITE Implant Family

With implants in every shape and connection to fit all of your needs, a clinician can choose from:

undefinedCertain® PREVAIL™ Platform Switching™ Implants
The new Certain PREVAIL Implant represents an innovative implant design featuring integrated Platform Switching. This provides the marketplace with a simple and predictable option for the potential to achieve better crestal bone preservation, which may result in more predictable soft tissue aesthetics.

OSSEOTITE Parallel Walled Implants
undefinedThe original implants with the patented OSSEOTITE Surface, proven optimal for strengthening the clot-implant attachment and the first implant design accepted for early-loading protocol. Features include the unique ICE™ Self-Tapping Design and the “Soft Tissue-Friendly” hybrid design that puts the machined surface in contact with soft tissue to minimize the possibility of peri-implantitis.

Hex3OSSEOTITE XP® Expanded Platform Implants Where maximum primary stability is required. The flared coronal aspect engages and locks into the bone crest, while the wider prosthetic platform allows an optimal Emergence Profile. The wide prosthetic base allows use in a molar region where bone has resorbed and would otherwise require grafting.

OSSEOTITE NT® Natural-Taper Implants
Hex2Desirable for sinus-lift procedures. The natural tooth-root shape facilitates ease of insertion and the domed apical end
reduces trauma. Variable-taper aspect ratio (the greater the length of the implant, the less the degree of taper) assures a naturally-tapered shape appropriate to implant length.

The TG OSSEOTITE® Trans-gingival Implant System
All the benefits of the original OSSEOTITE Parallel Walled Implant with a trans-gingival collar for a single stage surgical procedure. The gold-colored titanium nitride coating on the trans-gingival collar allows for aesthetic results, eliminating any gray shading through thin tissue areas. The implants are available now in both 4.8 and 6.5 prosthetic platforms for a larger range of placement areas.

OSSEOTITE® Optimizes The Healing Process
The OSSEOTITE surface features our patented 1 to 3 micron peak-to-peak and 5 to 10 micron peak-to-valley characteristics, proven to be optimal for:

  • Strengthening The Clot/Implant Attachment
  • Increasing Platelet Activation And Red Blood Cell (RBC) Agglomeration


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