We handle all orthodontic appliances; from simple Hawley retainers to complex bionators. We only use Premium Rapid set Orthodontic acrylic. DeLuca technicians have more than 30 years of experience with fabricating orthodontic appliances.

  1. Hawley Retainer : Objective – To re-align, bring in, straighten and/or stabilize anterior teeth.
  2. Shwartz Appliance : Objective – To widen the arch, making room for the anterior segment to be brought in, straightened and/or correct anterior crowding. The expansion screw within the appliance may also be used to correct a cross bite to bring the posterior teeth into proper occlusion between the upper and lower arch’s relationship.
  3. Gelb Appliance: Objective: To disclude the anterior segment from any force. Also to open the occlusion and provide relief for the TMJ.
  4. Nigh Guards: Objective: To disclude the upper arch dentition from the lower arch’s dentition in order to prevent grinding, ware of the enamel and force trauma on the TMJ.
  5. Bionator: Objective – The appliance is joined to connect the upper arch to the lower arch in a specific occlussal relationship in order to correct a class III relationship.
  6. Habit Breaker: Objective – The appliance is designed with a wire fence just lingual to the upper anteriors in which it will prevent a child from tongue thrusting or thumb sucking. This is a preventative appliance used to control the upper anterior alignment in a child’s mouth.
  7. R.P.E (Rapid Palatal Expander): Objective – To widen the upper arch, correct a cross bite and improve the function for the patient.
  8. Band Loop Space Maintainer: Objective – To hold an edentulous space for a new tooth to erupt. This is done by banding an adjacent tooth from which a wire extends around the open space and stabilizes against the other adjacent tooth to the edentulous area.
  9. Band Loop Space Regainer: Objective – To widen an edentulous space that has been almost closed due to mesial drift of the more posterior teeth. With the band loop space maintainer, we band an adjacent tooth to the edentulous area and a wire proceeds around to the next anterior tooth to provide stability. The space regainer incorporates springs to provide force in between the edentulous zone, therefore moving the adjacent teeth and allowing for a wider space for a future tooth to erupt.
  10. Automatic Hawley Retainer: Objective – To preset a determined anterior alignment and is achieved by using a Hawley retainer with a second adjustable Hawley wire that can be tightened progressively. Note – The laboratory will cut the malplaced teeth on the stone model and reset them to the ideal position in which you desire. The retainer will then be fabricated to the specifications.



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