BioHorizon – One Piece

The One-piece 3.0 is the small-diameter implant of choice for the long-term treatment of missing maxillary laterals and mandibular incisors. It allows you to treat spaces that cannot be handled with conventional two-piece implants.
Maximum Simplicity. Thanks to its one-piece construction, there are no additional components that must be purchased. If required, modification to the abutment portion is done using the carbide prepping bur that is provided free with each implant.

BioHorizon – Internal

A connection you can rely on
BioHorizons Internal's 1.5mm deep internal-hex connection is enhanced with Spiralock® screw technology; the same design used by NASA and in orthopedics to guard against screw-loosening in dynamic load environments.
Precision machining, self-centering screw and lead-in bevel ensure proper abutment seating. The intimate mating of the abutment and implant forms a tight biologic seal at this important junction.

Efficacy through biomechanical design

BioHorizons pioneered the use of modified square-threads on dental implants in 1996. Multiple clinical studies have documented the designs effectiveness, including a 99.4% success rate in an ongoing 5-year, prospective, multi-center trial.

The modified square-thread design exhibits more bone-to-implant-contact and higher reverse-torque values than alternative thread designs.

Square threads transmit more compressive load to bone than conventional v-threads, while minimizing destructive shear loads and maximizing surface area.

BioHorizon – Maestro

Why pay for a prep-able, gold-hued abutment if you don't have to?

  • Low-profile Abutment Screw allows for extremely low clearance. Industry-standard .050" (1.25mm) Hex.
  • Gold-hued TiN coating for soft tissue esthetics and precise visualization of implant / abutment interface.
  • Ultra-tight tolerances minimize stress on the Abutment Screw.
  • Spiralock® technology virtually eliminates screw loosening.
  • Patented Guide Pin saves time and eliminates cross threading.

BioHorizon – Maestro (Overdenture)

The BioHorizons Overdenture implant system provides a long-term denture stabilization solution. Its cost and simplicity bring secure dentures within reach of many patients who otherwise could not afford conventional treatment plans requiring bone grafts.


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