The Captek Crown is the result of 30 years of research by an internationally renowned Prosthodontics and world-class dental technician, with the sole purpose of developing the best restoration to offer their own patients. This unique scientific breakthrough enables us to deliver natural, long-lasting crowns and bridges that, most importantly, are healthier for your surrounding gums.

For centuries, gold has been known as the preferred material for dental restorations. Captek's advanced technology combines all the advantages of high-purity gold, without sacrificing the strength of lower gold dental materials. Years of research and patient satisfaction have proven that Captek crowns are durable, accurate, resistant to harmful bacteria and plaque, and - what will be most obvious to you, the patient - attractive. Finally, compromises need not be made to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. With 10 years of experience under our belt, we are arguable the best Captek Certified Lab in Ontario.

Features & Benefits

Beauty - Beautiful and Natural-Looking
A revitalized smile can increase your self-confidence and enhance feelings of well-being. Captek Crowns and Bridges are cosmetic, healthy and durable; an advanced material designed for the patient who demands the best.
Perfect for Achieving Vital, Attractive Tooth Color
The light-dispersion effects of Captek Crowns and Bridges are designed to mimic those of healthy natural tooth structure. Captek is also ideal for matching natural tooth color following whitening procedures.

Health - No Unsightly "Black Lines"
Captek's patented advanced gold material enables your dentist to provide you with a crown that will look natural at the gum line, eliminating any unsightly gray or black lines commonly associated with traditional crowns.
Reduces Plaque and Bacteria / Helps to Maintain General Health
Bacteria in the mouth can result in periodontal disease, bad breath, heart disease, lung infections and even a weakened immune system. Captek's advanced gold material reduces the accumulation of harmful bacteria at the gum line by 90% compared to natural tooth structure.

Strength - Captek Crowns and Bridges
Proven to be exceptionally strong and durable. The exceptional physical properties of the advanced gold material are derived from the patented reinforcing internal structure ofCaptek. This structure is designed to reduce the stresses between the porcelain and Captek gold.

Captek Technical Specification & Preperations

The limitations of alloys led the developers of Captek™ to search for an alternative way to combine metals without alloying. The process would need to yield both the necessary physical properties and color for superior technical and esthetic results. Captek™ is an acronym for “Capillary Casting Technology”. This revolutionary material is completely new and has for the first time thrust the PFM restoration into the class of truly high esthetic restorations (figure 1). This status has, until now, been enjoyed exclusively by nonmetal-containing restorations, such as all ceramic and composite resin.

Composite Metal

Captek™ is not an alloy! This also implies that it is not a foil or a sintered material. It is best described as a composite metal. If you consider a composite resin to be basically a sea (or matrix) of 97% gold reinforced with small particles of a very high fusing and high strength platinum/palladium/gold alloy (approximately 30% of each) (figure 2). It is important to note that in any composite system, the resulting material combines the properties of each component individually. In the case of composite resin, the plastic, curable properties of soft resin are combined with the high compressive strength, resistance of glass. This forms a third material that is not only plastic and curable, but also high in compressive strength, abrasion resistance, and fracture resistance. In Captek™, the material resulting from the combination of the gold matrix and the palladium group filler particles possesses the color, biocompatibility, burnish ability, and nobility of basically pure gold while having the high temperature stability, strength, and toughness of a high platinum/palladium alloy. Unlike various 24k gold-plated or cast-ceramic metals, Captek™ actually hardens and strengthens as it is fired during porcelain application.


Captek™ has many advantages over anything that has ever been available
(figure 3). It has physical and esthetic properties that create advantages far beyond what is possible with traditional PFM crowns.

Rich gold color. The inner and outer surfaces present pure 97% gold color, which provides the ideal background for very natural and vital porcelain esthetics without tissue” shadowing” caused by the gray color inside traditional cast ceramic alloys.

Biocompatibility. Captek™ has exceptional biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, and resistance to bacterial colonization. Research at Tubingen University in Germany has shown Captek™ to have higher nobility (lower reactivity) than pure gold. Similarly, in vivo studies recently completed by J.Max Goodson,  Itzhak Shoher and Stephan Imber have shown bacterial counts (especially gram-negative rods) in the sulcus around Captek™ crowns with small exposed collars to be up to 1,000% lower than around natural dentition. The study also showed that porcelain in the sulcus (all ceramic crowns, porcelain margins, and three point margins) accumulated up to 800% higher counts than around the Captek™ restorations!

No internal, external, or interfacial stresses. No stresses form between Captek™ and porcelain during firing and cooling. This makes
Captek™ compatible with an extremely wide range of porcelains (basically all low-and high fusing porcelains on the market today) and is responsible for extremely high bond strengths with the porcelain, thereby enhancing vitality and translucency.

Totally no oxidizing. Oxides can contaminate furnaces, create odd color reactions with porcelain, are always dark and can create a “weak link” at the bonding surface if they are too thick. More importantly, when present in the furnace, they accumulate on the surface of the porcelain and actually make it more plaque retentive. Contrary to popular belief, it has been proven that oxides are not necessary for strong porcelain bonding-control of stresses is the key to bonding.

Extremely small grain size of 15 mm to 20 mm. This allows the margins to be finished to a very fine edge without loss of integrity. Because there is no oxide and no gray metal to mask out, the opaque requires only 0.05 mm to cover! This compares with an average of 0.3mm on cast metal. All this together allows three-point margins to be created that are virtually indistinguishable from porcelain margins!

Preparations and Uses

Captek™ requires no special preparation and can be used on any traditional preparation with featheredge, chamfers, or bevels, to deep shoulders with porcelain margins. Reduction requirements are the same for Captek™ as for any traditional PFM preparation. It is not appropriate to incorporate a more “conservative” preparation for Captek™. Ideally, because of Captek’s™ impressive bacterial inhibition properties, a chamfer bevel or shoulder bevel with a subsequently prescribed small metal collar should be used in all nonesthetic areas (generally from mid-proximal). There is a tremendous loss of tissue health if 360-degree porcelain or three point margins are used where they are not necessary for esthetics! Captek™ can be used for all single anterior or posterior restorations, as well as for bridges with any configuration of up to two consecutive pontics. It can be built up to form bands, metal linguals, or occlusal islands, and, in other
words, can accomplish practically anything that can be done with traditional lost wax-casting techniques.






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