Cu-Dent is a partial designed to make it the ideal choice for patients with few remaining teeth. It’s soft, elastometric gasket clasps the neck of each natural tooth to gently cushion against the hard denture base and seal out food and fluids. It can actually extend the life of loose, isolated, or periodontally involved teeth and requires no special impression techniques to reduce chair time. The resilient gasket material is designed to make modifications easy and affordable.

We only use Fricke clinical Hi-Impact unbreakable acrylic for all Cu-Dent partial dentures.

The No-Clasp Partial Denture: 

  • The most uncomplicated partial available
  • Dramatically different alternative to cast metal partials
  • Eliminates clasps and preserves dentition in cases where conventional partials are not indicated
  • Unsurpassed for comfort
  • Unequaled esthetics
  • Proven in use for over 30 years
  • Stops trauma, stress and wear to teeth caused by torque-inducing metals to partials
  • Stabilizes, cushions and splints teeth with an elastometric gasket that provides retention and seals out food
  • Allows low cast add-ons, repairs and relines
  • Saves mobile, isolated or periodontally involved teeth
  • An excellent transition denture
  • Replaces ‘flexible plastic’ partials and precision overdentures
  • Eliminates allergic reactions from mixed-metal dentition and chrome-cobalt partials

Specify Cu-Dent on your next partial case and find out why 95% of the dentists who try Cu-Dent become repeat customers.






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