The Dalla Bona attachment is the most widely used ball & socket type overdenture attachment. Designed by Hans Dalla Bona DDS of Switzerland, the gold Dalla Bona male is soldered to a root cap coping. Plastic males can be waxed directly to the root cap coping. Females are available in gold (E), titanium (T), and plastic (P). Only the gold and titanium females are adjustable. The Dalla Bona allows for a divergence of up to 15 degrees. For the Direct Dalla Bona system, refer to Uni-Anchor. For implant restorations, refer to the individual DDB, Direct Dalla Bona listed under the specific implant name. The new Dalla Bona Plus has a screw-in female retentive element (97-430484)
that is easily replaced—no need to remove the Ti housing from the denture. The Dalla Bona Plus was designed for overdentures and implant-supported restorations. Existing 2.25mm ball restorations may be easily retrofitted with the Dalla Bona Plus female.



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