The ANKYLOS System
Progress Means Thinking Ahead

The innovative, practice-orientated ANKYLOS Implant System was developed by Prof. Dr. G.H. Nentwig and Dr. W. Moser in 1985 with the stated purpose of reproducing as closely as possible the prosthetic characteristics of the natural tooth. Making use of the latest scientific findings and many years of clinical experience, a new implant was developed with a structure which uses the physiological conditions in the alveolar bone for optimal load transmission during functional loading. Its clinical use since 1987 is impressive proof of the validity of this concept.

  • Endosseous implant made from pure titanium.
  • Progressive special design.
  • Anatomical and rotationally symmetric abutments.
  • Straight and angled abutments.

FRIALIT Implants
Prevention Instead of Intervention for Perfect Esthetics

Innovative esthetic implant concepts should consider single-tooth replacement as early as possible. FRIALIT, the first root-analog implant geometry in the world, offers perfect esthetics of peri-implant soft tissues, excellent prosthetic results and long-term success. Following nature's design, FRIALIT's stepped shape ensures optimal transfer of occlusal forces. The anatomical diameters provide support for the alveolar bone, reconstruction of the interproximal space and maintenance of the papillae. Perforating the buccal plate or injuring converging roots during surgery can be avoided due to FRIALIT's narrow apical end. The implant/abutment connection provides the utmost in stability, due to its long parallel walls (that resist lateral forces) and deep internal hex (that prevents rotation).


XiVE plus Implants: As Simple As Possible, As Flexible As Necessary

  XiVE plus
Our goal is to make implant dentistry treatment simple, fast and as easy as possible for you and your patients. The XiVE Implant System offers an accelerated procedure with multiple prosthetic options, without requiring expensive and complicated surgical or laboratory techniques. XiVE Screw Implants combine increased primary stability with the standardized FRIADENT® prosthetic platform (which includes immediate loading options). Through its thread design and simplified surgical procedure, XiVE offers an implant for all types of bone. The internal implant abutment connection, which has been in use for over 10 years, is fully compatible with the FRIALIT prosthetic components and instrumentation. This universal prosthetic platform technology greatly simplifies life for the restorative dentist.
  XiVE TG Transgingival plus
If function is your main concern, then the one-piece XiVE TG Implant is your answer.

The XiVE TG Implant is the combination of scientific and clinical experience adapted from the New Ledermann Screw and FRIALOC Systems.

The XiVE TG's implant/abutment connection extends through the soft tissue. This transgingival implant looks like a XiVE Implant with an integrated MP Abutment.


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