DiamondCrown micro-hybrid composite restorative material does not require metal or fibre reinforcement in order to surpass the strength of all other metal-free polyglass restorative systems. It exhibits leading edge characteristics such as:

  • very low water absorption
  • very low shrinkage
  • high wear resistance
  • excellent bio-compatability
  • high lustre/gloss value
  • chameleon effect

Indications: Posterior metal-free bridges with a single pontic, anterior metal-free bridges with up to two pontics and posterior metal-free inlay bridges up to one pontic.

DiamondCrown is a unique biomimetic micro-crystalline PEX based system, unlike BisGMA and UDMA systems, which are amorphous in structure and inherently brittle. The crystalline structure of all Diamond products offers properties similar to tooth such as macro-toughness and micro-elasticity with wear rate similar to natural tooth. To take full advantage of this innovation it is recommended to use the DiamondBond Adhesive System and Diamond Link (Luting Agent and flowable dual-cured composite).

DiamondCrown is available in the 16 Vita shades plus various incisal effects and characterisation stains.

There are also 9 various opacities ranging from the "metal opaquing powder/liquid" (opacifying unit =100), through to "incisal transparent" (opacifying unit =5). This gives the operator chairside, or the laboratory technician a wide range of shades and characterisation possibilities, all light cured chairside and laboratory.






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