The Hader-EDS Bar System is indicated for patient removable bar restorations for natural teeth and implants. The Bars: The Hader-EDS Bar is a standard 13 gauge (1.8mm) diameter and is compatible with other standard bar patterns. In addition to the plastic bars, Titanium Bars for laser welding and Gold Bars for soldering or laser welding are now available. The Clips: The durable Hader-EDS Clips are interchangeable with standard Hader Clips and are available in three color-coded levels of retention. Retention sequence is White, Yellow, Red, least to most. The Hader-EDS Clips will also fit standard bar patterns such as the ABS, CBS (Round, Oval, and I-Bar) and the original Hader Bar. We now offer Combo Clips—18 clips, 6 of each retention. The Housings: The gold-plated machined metal Hader-EDS Housing simplifies clip replacement and prevents looseness caused by acrylic breakdown. The Analogs and Impression Clips: Plastic Hader-EDS Impression Clips and aluminum Hader-EDS Bar Analogs are available for the fabrication of processing models. Each are 50mm in length and can be shortened, and are reusable. Both are indicated for repairs and new restorations.



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