We are a full service lab in existence for more than 40 years now, covering all aspects of complete dental restorations. There is no job beyond our expert capabilities. Each of our technicians is a specialist in his or her own field. By employing the top technicians, we can produce only the best work. This means fewer problems for you and more profitable chair time.
It is very crucial for you to be informed about where, how and who designs your dental prosthesis. We are sure that you would only desire the best quality and design for yourself and would expect the final result to be as you would have wished for. This can only be achieved if your dentist is associated with a trustworthy quality dental lab.
De Luca Dental Laboratory has served Ontario dentists since 1966. From modest beginnings we have evolved into the finest, most efficient and trusted dental restoration facility in Ontario. Today we can solve the most complex dental case within your desired time frame.
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