The Locator is a low profile resilient stud attachment with easily replaceable plastic male inserts.The Locator Bar Female is available in a Screw-in, Laser or Cast-to version. The 2mm thread Screw-in bar female has a Ti Nitrite coating,
the Laser female is available in Titanium or Stainless Steel, each with the Ti Nitrite coating. The Cast-to is Stainless Steel with no coating. The Bar Male Complete (sold separately) includes a yellow processing male in housing, two spacers, a clear regular retention, and a pink light retention male. A blue extra light retention male insert can be ordered separately. The Locator features “dual retention” with the male element engaging inside and outside the female element. The Locator also has a self-aligning feature, which facilitates easy insertion by the patient. The plastic males are easily removed from the metal housing and replaced with the multi-purpose Core Tool. The Core Tool may also be used to insert Locator implant females.



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