NobelBiocare provides a versatile range of implants, suited to every indication you could encounter and all designed to deliver Beautiful Teeth Now™.

Brånemark System® is a member of the parallel walled implant family – offering the world's most versatile, practical and effective suite of solutions.

NOBELREPLACE™ Tapered Groovy is shaped to resemble a tooth root making the surgical procedure exceptionally simple and predictable – especially for immediate placement after extraction.

The revolutionary one-piece design of NOBELDIRECT® has made implants as easy to work with as traditional bridges. User-friendly, cost-effective, biologically sound and esthetically stable – this remarkable implant is machined from a single piece of titanium, incorporating both the implant body and the abutment.

NOBELPERFECT® is without question the most desirable implant on the market offering supreme esthetic beauty without compromise.

NOBELREPLACE™ Straight and NOBELSPEEDY™ are members of our parallel walled implant family – offering the world's most versatile, practical and effective suite of solutions.

Brånemark System® - Groovy

  • Parallel walled implant
  • Most versatile system
  • Safety and reliability in all indications
  • Treat all patients
  • Most scientifically documented system
  • Graftless procedures through Zygoma & Shorty
  • Immediate Function™
  • TiUnite® 'all the way up'

Types (Products)

Brånemark System® Mk III Groovy

  • Shorter, simpler drilling protocol
  • Improved New Depth Measurement System
  • Threads higher on the implant body
  • Increased Cutting Ability
  • TiUnite® all the way up
  • Immediate Function™

Brånemark System® Shorty

  • Shortest implant on the market – just 5.5mm
  • Immediate Function™

Brånemark System® Zygoma

  • TiUnite® all the way
  • Grooves on the threads                
  • Abutment hole eliminated

Brånemark System® Drill Protocol

  • Shortened drill protocol
  • Improved true depth measurement systems on drills
  • Same depth measurement systems for all parallel-walled implants
  • Better markings on drills increases visibility

NOBELREPLACE™ Tapered Groovy

  • Fastest growing implant on the market
  • 8mm implant option
  • TiUnite® 'all the way up'
  • Grooves on threads and collars
  • Standardized easy drilling protocol
  • Completely color-coded
  • Always high initial stability due to root shape
  • For narrow spaces between remaining roots
  • Internal connection
  • Original root-shaped implant system

Replace® Select Tapered

  • Still available with 1.5mm machined collar





Parallel walled implant
- Simplified procedure
- For all indications

  • Complete implant assortment including diameter 4
  • Optimal ease-of-use internal abutment connection
  • Color-coded all the way through the system
  • TiUnite® 'all the way up'


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