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A crown which is also called a cap, is a fabricated tooth that is placed on an individual tooth which covers and restores a decayed or damaged tooth to its normal shape and size. This is often done when there is not enough tooth support and a filling would not solve the problem. It is also useful for protecting teeth that are cracked or broken and is also used to change the shape of a tooth, to correct a bite or cosmetic problem, or to replace existing broken or poor-fitting crowns. A crown may be made of gold, other metals, or porcelain which makes them durable and strong, so replacements are needed less often. But because of its strength and resistance to chewing stress, a crown is functionally superior to other esthetic procedures.

If you have any further questions regarding crowns or other procedures to improve your smile, please ask your dentist.

  • All Ceramic restorations – Milled in the Cerec In-Lab machine
    • Invizion (Yttrium stabilized Zirconia)
    • InCeram: Alumina, Spinell, Zirconia
    • Procera
  • Captek - Porcelain bonded to 99% pure gold
  • PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal) – PBG (Precious Bonded to Gold), Semi-Precious and Non-Precious
  • Full Gold Restorations
  • Diamond Crown Composite
  • Pressables


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