We are pleased to announce that after more than one year of extensive testing we feel confident now in producing all of your PFM and PBM crowns with Vita VM Series porcelain

  • Excellent translucent aesthetics
  • Improved strength and durability
  • Easy recontouring for fast adjustments
  • Easy polishability - a glaze-like luster in seconds
  • Low ware porcelain, kind to the opposing dentition

DeLuca Dental Laboratory offers the ultimate in PFM (Porcelain fused to Metal) fabrication :

We offer a wide range of alloys to suit your patient’s needs

  • We offer a base non-precious alloy (silver in color)
  • We offer a semi-precious alloy (2% gold and 80% palladium, silver in color)
  • We offer a semi-precious high gold alloy (52% gold, silver in color)
  • We offer a precious alloy (88% gold, yellow in color)
  • We offer for special cases when requested a precious alloy of which contains 97% gold (castable alloy, bright yellow in color)
  • We offer the Captek PBG system for a warm gold life like restoration (composite gold metal, extraordinarily bright yellow gold appearance)
  • We offer a high grade non-precious alloy fabricated by STELDENT alloys.
    • Designed for high quality PFM restorations
    • Highest purity of raw materials ensures excellent bonding strength
    • Consistent performance, stability, castability and corrosion resistance
    • Malleability with high strength
    • Easier finishing and excellent polishing characterisitcs

We offer only Vita VM Series porcelains in our ceramic department.

  • We only use Vita VMK porcelain on our base metal non-precious PFMs.
  • We only use Vita VM13 porcelain on all of our gold containing PFMs






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