Finesse® All-Ceramic restorations from DENTSPLY Ceramco represent state-of-the-art in this category.

Finesse® All-Ceramic ingots were designed to be fully compatible with the Finesse® porcelain system, offering all its benefits of stability, superior wear kindness, uniform fluorescence, opalescence and characterization options. Finesse® All-Ceramic restorations can be processed with a variety of veneering techniques. They can be layered with Finesse® low-fusing porcelain for custom shade matching. The popular enamel cutback method and shade staining the core can also be used to characterize and modify shade to the dentist's and patient's satisfaction. The unique Finesse® All-Ceramic die materials help the lab and the dentist communicates prep shades, and to restore the patient's smile naturally.

Composed of leucite reinforced glass-ceramics, Finesse® All-Ceramic ingots are processed by the dental lab in a high-temperature injection molding ('pressing') process, to create beautiful crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays. With an optimal flexural strength (125MPa) for single units, the restorations can be used confidently in the smile line, and are reliably placed using adhesive bonding techniques.

Finesse® All-Ceramic Tech Specs:

  • Material: Leucite-reinforced glass-ceramic
  • Recommended Use: Single crowns (to the 2nd bicuspid), veneers, inlays and onlays.
  • Lab Processing: "Pressing"-lost wax injection molding, 930oC, 20 min.
  • Properties: Flexural Strength~125MPa, Fracture Toughness~1.25MPa.m0.5, VHN~635, CTE~13.5 m/m/oC, at 500oC.
  • Esthetics: Inherently fluorescent, ideal transparency range from FC (Clear) to FOP (Opaceous).
  • Veneering: Optimally matched to Finesse® low-fusing porcelains, and Finesse® All-Ceramic Shade Stains.
  • Placement: Adhesive bonding





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