For all types of ceramic restorations

FortressTM is an all-ceramic system developed for dental laboratories by dental technicians for fabrication of crowns, inlays/onlays, and veneers. FortressTM Porcelain is high strength porcelain with Leucite-reinforcement that attains its high strength by UNIFORM dispersal of Leucite particles from 3 to 4 microns in size; this makes a smooth, low abrasive ceramic. FortressTM has great translucency, life-like vitality and provides superb esthetics. FortressTM is the best choice for porcelain veneers where a combination of beauty and strength is ideal. Layering technique makes FortressTM best of all with its versatility to fire on foils or refractory. No other system can address your situation so well. Keyed to the Vita Lumin Vacuum shade guide, FortressTM includes a wide range of shades. FortressTM with twice the strength of standard porcelain and unequaled esthetics will change the way you look at ceramics.


25,560 psi


175-180 MPa


VITA-LUMIN Vacuum shade Guide


Fortress™ Bonded Crown

Fortress™, the new high-strength all-ceramic porcelain with unmatched aesthetics, leucite-reinforced without the need for a pressed core.

Fortress™ Indications: Individual anterior and posterior crowns, inlay/onlays and veneers.

Fortress™ Veneers, Inlays and Onlays

Fortress™, far more flexible than other all-ceramics. For beautifully thin, high-strength veneers, inlays and onlays in as little as 0.5 mm thickness. Allows for more conservative tooth reduction.

Fortress™ Indications: Veneers - anywhere in aesthetic zone. Inlay / Onlays - all posteriors.





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