DeLuca’s Basic shade experience with the Vita Easyshade in your office.

We would like to extend our technology of digitally matched shades and shade mapping right in your own office for you and your patient’s convenience. Just advise our laboratory that you would like DeLuca to handle your patient’s case and our sales team will be glad to assist you with the Vita Easyshade, taking accurate digital shades. Please notify us two days before the patient’s appointment.
Not only is this an impressive feature for the patient but it demonstrates the extent of the care that you the doctor and your DeLuca laboratory team will take to provide accurate results. 

Gain quality shade assurance the easy way...
with the VITA Easyshade.

The VITA Easyshade® is capable of instantly measuring a broad range of 45 shades, including 3 bleached, 26 Vitapan® 3D-Master and 16 VITA® Classical Shades.

From a basic partial denture to the most
demanding lifelike central,
initial shade match is always the key.

Now, with the VITA Easyshade, you can easily verify a precise, objective shade match, leaving you more time to focus on the important piece in your artistry characterization, layering and all the subtle nuances you know so well. Eliminate the basics that can sometimes lead to remakes.

VITA Easyshade Features

The VITA Easyshade is a simple point and click digital spectrophotometer that provides an instant shade readout. Prescriptions are indicated in both 3D-Master and VITA Classical shades. When a difficult shade is measured, the Easyshade will accurately prescribe an "interpolated" or "intermediate shade", which is easy for the lab to reproduce. For example, a shade mid-way between 3M1 and 4M1 would be 3.5M1, and is easily created by mixing a 1:1 ratio of 3M1 and 4M1 porcelain.

The VITA Easyshade has a setting to allow laboratories to confirm that their restoration matches the doctor’s prescribed shade.
Here are a few features:

easyshade points photo

Interpolated Shades

For the first time in dental technology, it is possible to recreate natural tooth colors with restorative materials in a systematic, organized manner. The complete VITA 3D-Master shade system (inclusive of bleach shades) can now be accurately expanded to satisfy 81 individual shade possibilities, simply by mixing 2 or 4 combinations of Opaque powders, Opacious dentines, and/or Dentine ceramic powders.

Measurement Approximation

Table Classical Shade

VITA 3D-Master Shade System (Fig.1)
Shade tabs are equally spaced and there is only one discernible shade between adjacent tabs. Easyshade can report intermediate or interpolated shades for a precise shade match (e.g. 2M3 + 3M3 = 2.5M3)

System Clusters

  Fig. 1
3D-Master Interpolated Shade Precise Match

VITA Classical Shade System (Fig.2)
Shade tabs are not equally spaced, precluding accurate shade interpolation (e.g. A1 + A2 ? A2.5). The measured tooth may be equally close to multiple shade tabs, causing Easyshade to report inconsistent readings in sequential measurements. This is most evident when shade tabs are clustered near the measured tooth shade (see table).

Fig. 2
Classical Shade System Multiple Match


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