A VM® 7, the first of the VITA VM fine-grain family, is made to veneer alumina substructures. With an average expansion (CTE) of 7, and formulated to accurately reproduce VITA 3D-Master shades directly out of the bottle, it is ideal for use with Vita In-Ceram Alumina, Spinell and Zirconia. It is also compatible with Procera's All-Ceram and SDI's Wol-Ceram copings. (Procera and Wol-Ceram are registered trademarks of their respective owners)




VITA VM®9 is the newest addition to the VM family of fine-grain porcelains. It shares VM7ís desirable characteristics while satisfying the unique requirements of yttrium-stabilized zirconia (CTE of 10.5). This 3D-Master shaded porcelain is compatible with VITAís In-Ceram YZ Cubes for CEREC® and many of today’s zirconia substructure materials.





VITA VM13 ceramic veneering porcelain offers outstanding physical properties, handling characteristics and, due to the homogeneous distribution of both glass phases in the fine microstructure, clinical wear characteristics that mimic those of enamel.

VM 13 has a CTE of 13.1-13.6 x 10-6K-1 and is ideal for veneering metal frameworks that have a coefficient of thermal expansion in the range of 13.8ñ15.2 x 10-6K-1.

The revolutionary formulation of VITAVM®13:

  • Extraordinarily kind to antagonistic dentition.
  • Optimum firing stability, which preserves shades even after several firings.
  • Low firing temperature and reduced shrinkage.
  • Excellent shade cover with the new higher chroma, higher opacity Base Dentines

Dental ceramists will marvel at its modeling characteristics and its structural and color stability through its firing cycles. Grinding and polishing has been made easier and more effective than most other porcelain systems. The esthetic build-up technique has been improved over historical systems by introducing a simpler, more logical approach to shading/layering. Modifiers include Effect Opaques, Effect (tinted) enamels, Mamelons, Gingivas, Effect Pearls and Opal Translucent powders.

VMK 95 Porcelain
Compatible with Classical or 3D-Master Shade
VMK®95 brings VITA quality porcelain esthetics to a production laboratory setting. VMK 95 is an economical system, yet any of the 26 3D-Master Shades can be accurately reproduced with a simple three powder build-up (opaque, Dentine and enamel).
VMK 95’s warm, opalescent color tones produce outstanding VITAlity and the newly formulated opaques provide excellent handling properties and allow bonding to a wide variety of alloys. VMK 95 Opaques are avail­able in paste and powder form. In addition to the Standard Kit, there is an Opaque Dentine set with 26 powders and an Additional Set which includes Dentine Modifiers, Margin Pow­ders, Gingival Powders, Cor­rec­tive Powders and Cervical Powders.

Both the Opaque Dentine Set and the Additional
Set allow the ceramist to handle special esthetic

Applications: Crowns, Bridges and Laminates

Vitadur Alpha
Vitadur Alpha, long-considered the industry standard for alumina substructures (until the introduction of VITAVM®7), has provided thousands of dental ceramists with the ability to create natural looking restorations. This alumina-veneering material offers a large number of modifiers to ensure accurate shade match.

Vitadur Alpha is a completely new development based on studies of natural teeth; metal-free and designed for conventional as well as new all-ceramic applications. Vitadur Alpha is carefully matched to the refractive index, reflection characteristics, and transparency of natural teeth. Vitadur Alpha has a wide range of intensive porcelains for color effects, particularly in the enamel and incisal areas. Vitadur Alpha also closely resembles natural teeth in terms of luminescence and translucency.


  • In-Ceram crowns
  • In-Ceram bridges
  • Laminates
  • Inlays/Onlays
  • Porcelain jacket crowns

Features & Benefits:

  • 10% Aluminous oxide content allows for greater strength (110 MPA) than competitive products.
  • Fine particle size wears like natural dentition.
  • Full range of color modifiers, Translucents, intensives, and Cervical powders.
  • Close resemblance to natural teeth in terms of luminescence and translucency.
  • Excellent stability and minimal shrinkage during repeated firings






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